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Sweet itch, flakes and waste

The Natural Way - specialized in itching and skin complaints and the natural treatment of horses with sweet itch, mud fever and CPL. 

Does your horse suddenly suffer from thick, greasy dander and sometimes even hair that comes loose? Then there may be waste products that are released.

Waste products, itching, summer eczema in horses, The Natural Way

Waste products released through the skin © The Natural Way

    “This process is an indicator – a clue from the body that there is an imbalance and that the underlying causes need to be looked at further.”


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    By waste we mean the toxins (residues) from deworming, medication, vaccinations, food, water, air and soil pollution, flavors and fragrances, pesticides, fungi, toxic substances, poisonous plants, etc.

    Removing waste products is important to ensure that your horse maintains good resistance and does not become ill. A healthy horse regulates this process all by itself and does not need any support.

    Not every horse is able to sufficiently remove these waste products itself. Some organs can become overloaded, such as the intestines, liver, kidneys, spleen, lungs and lymphatic system. These organs keep the horse's body clean by excreting sweat, urine, manure, exhalation, etc.

    When your horse cannot remove sufficient waste products itself, complaints arise. You probably recognize the horses with dirty eyes that show tears, yellow discharge or even become infected. In addition, nasal discharge, hoof ulcers, hives, swollen legs, reduced fitness and irritated airways also occur.
    The skin and coat can also start to look dull, greasy and flaky, with an increased risk of mud fever, sweet itch, laminitis, insulin resistance (IR), Equine Metabolic Syndrome (EMS), etc. Horses often have difficulty shedding or have problems with creating a thick winter coat.

    Horses with sweet itch and other itch-related complaints usually have difficulty processing these waste products, causing symptoms such as itching, chafing, wounds, dull coat, skin problems, etc. to become visible.

    When too much waste has built up, your horse becomes more attractive to mosquitoes and flies and there is increased sensitivity to itching and possible inflammation of the mane comb and tail base. This also applies to horses that receive incorrect nutrition and are overweight.

    Summer eczema lotion - The Natural Way

    Zomereczeem lotion © The Natural Way 

    Zomereczeem lotion

    If your horse has sweet itch or other itching-related complaints, our Zomereczeem lotion is what you need. Zomereczeem lotion is a 100% natural and sustainable product based on essential oils and sweet almond oil.
    Immediately visible results! The itching and chafing disappear, the skin is cared for and softened and hair growth is stimulated.

    Due to the supportive, cleansing properties of Zomereczeem lotion, some horses that have built up waste products may experience greasy flaking at the base of the mane and tail for a short period (+- 1-2 weeks), possibly accompanied by sensitive skin.
    By letting go of the old skin and forming new ones, stored waste products are removed and the body is cleansed. Mother Nature does her job and uses the horse's largest organ: the skin.

    The occurrence of this process is an indicator - a clue from the body that underlying causes need to be supported or further investigated.
    Discuss this with your (holistic) vet or therapist and, if necessary, have a blood test and/or allergy test carried out.

    If the skin is too sensitive, gently apply a thin layer of Zomereczeem lotion or skip a day of treatment until the sensitivity has reduced.

    Waste, itching, horse eczema, flakes, The Natural Way

    Waste products released through the skin © The Natural Way 

    Extra support

    A good feeding policy first and foremost ensures that a horse is and remains healthy. Make sure there is always access to fresh drinking water and sufficient exercise options and make sure that your horse is not overweight.

    A detox can resolve many itch-related complaints, BUT only do this in consultation with a holistic veterinarian, nutrition expert or therapist. BECAUSE if your horse has an excess of waste products and cannot or cannot process them independently, a detox can also have disastrous consequences (such as extra itching, sulking, laminitis, etc.). So don't experiment on your own.

    Also read: The sense and nonsense of detoxing – The Natural Way

    Discover our 100 % natural Zomereczeem lotion, Mok olie, CPL olie, Natuur Shampoo and OERVOER (E-book) about healthy nutrition for itch-sensitive horses HERE.


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