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The Natural Way

Specialized in the natural treatment of horses with sweet itch.

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100% natural products

Sustainable and handmade, recommended by veterinarians and equine therapists.
Holistic view on itching and skin complaints.

"When I was 10 years old, I already decided I wanted to cure horses of sweet itch.
My life's passion!"

~ Laura Cleirens


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"Fantastic product!

For years we were desperate about the situation of our horse with extreme sweet itch... The mane and tail were scratched down to the skin and bleeding, our sweet horse did not become any happier, the itching really drove him crazy!!!
It's been almost 4 years now without itching!!

For those who are in doubt: we had tried EVERYTHING: the vet, cortisone injections, all kinds of ointments, food, eczema blanket..."

~ Lotte V.

"Finally found a product that works after 12 years! I think I have tried 25 different ointments / lotions and never found anything that helped. Untill now!

The skin is a lot calmer and new hairs grow. I've never experienced that before! She also has much less itching, previously she preferred to be tickled for hours on the affected areas and it continued to itch all day."

~ Ilona v.W.

"We tried all the sprays and ointments that could be found. Nothing really helped. We were advised to buy an eczema blanket, but we weren't really into that.

In a few months his mane and tail grew incredibly fast. He is no longer scratching!

If you have a pony that also suffers from sweet itch, this product is highly recommended!"

~ Arrezina V.



"Ruikt en voelt zalig!"

Steffie P.

"Ik heb haar staart nog nooit zo wit gekregen. Super blij mee."

Katinka B.

"De shampoo is zeer gebruiksvriendelijk. Zelfs bij mooie volle sokken, kom je met een grote notendop ruim toe. De shampoo schuimt ook zeer fijn waardoor je het vuil al tijdens het schrobben ziet verdwijnen. Ook het uitspoelen van de shampoo verloopt soepel waarna je beloond wordt met mooie witte sokken."

Jenthel S.


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"Super happy with this product!

What started as a small wound on my horse grew within a month, despite disinfecting and cleaning every day, into a serious infection and a horse that no longer wanted me to touch its legs.

Been applying Mok olie every day for two weeks now and the infection and scabs are almost gone and his skin is a lot calmer. I will definitely order this again!"

~ Machteld B.

"Away after 1 week! Super satisfied with the product! Highly recommended!"

~ Marioutza S.

"I'm 200% a modern medicine kinda woman, but this stuff... On any irritation (horse/human), miracles!"

~ Janne V.



"Annie (Irish Cob) suffered a lot from open wounds and scabs. She was already treated for mites but still kept scratching her legs.

With CPL olie, the wounds close nicely and remain closed. His skin looks beautiful and feels softer. The itching has disappeared.
Very satisfied. "

~ Monica D .

"Very satisfied with the CPL olie!
Every new wound I treat
is closed in 2-3 days.

The old wounds remain nice and dry and closed, super happy with the result achieved!!"

~ Ingrid V.

"The pasterns look much better than previous MLD treatment.

The folds are nice and supple and hydrated and there are no more wounds and scabs."

~ An G .



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